Background Checks

Date: May 27, 2011 11:07:36 AM EDT
Subject: Re: Criminal background checks for Franciscan monks at illegitimate St. Damia...
Dear Mr. Kendrick:

       No brother has ever been accused of child abuse.  Yes, we do require the traditional background checks on our candidates and they are also required to complete the VIRTUS  training course as well as keep current with the updates.

       I would prefer to speak with you in person but at this point I can't speak w/anyone as I just had a procedure done on my throat and one vocal chord.  Consequently, I am down to but a rasp; not good for an Irishman.

       I am preparing a letter for you during the course of this weekend.

       In closing, I really do wish you God's Peace.

       Br. Paul-Allan FSD