Bizarre behavior by Catholic Brother at Pwoje Espwa in response to questions about the protection of children


Franciscan Brother Robert-Anthony Campbell's bizarre behavior raises more suspicion. 

In response to questions earlier today from, Marie, a child protection advocate, Franciscan Brother Robert-Anthony Campbell, FSD, immediately shut down his blog, "Haiti's Littlest Angels."

In recent days, Brother Campbell has been asked to explain why he was washing, touching and shampooing a naked 11 year old boy.

Brother Campbell is assigned by his religious order to missionary work at Pwoje Espwa located in Les Cayes, Haiti.

Rev. Marc Boisvert, a Maine native and founder and executive director of Pwoje Espwa, while keeping his blog open, has shut down all ability to communicate with him (

Child protection advocates are calling for a full investigation of child protection policies, systems and procedures at Pwoje Espwa, with or without Rev. Boisvert's cooperation.

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